Sunday, June 11

Tahnee shows off her assets

Tahnee shows off her assets

Tahnee shows off her assets

Tahnee Taylor, a 57-year-old, big-titted divorcee and mom, comes across as shy and reserved when you first meet her, but once she breaks out of her shell, there's no stopping her. Here, her shell is a lace top that shows off her natural DDD-cup tits. Tahnee plays with them just for you, and if you're a tit man, you're going to love what you're about to see. And if you just love sexy, horny MILFs, you're going to love watching Tahnee deep-fingering her very wet pussy.

Tahnee said, "What makes me feel sexy is being adored by men and women while I'm dressed up conservatively but sexy."

She also said, "My biggest asset mentally is my brain, and physically it would be my heart."

Hmmm...her heart is bigger than her tits? She must be the most generous woman in the world.

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Nice pussy, Patricia

Nice pussy, Patricia

Nice pussy, Patricia

When we asked Patricia Wild, a 53-year-old cougar from the Czech Republic, about her fetishes, she said, "I don't have any unless sucking cock is one. I love it."

Fine by us. In fact, great by us. If a woman gets off on sucking our cocks, that's a wonderful thing. But here, Patricia is all alone, wearing stockings and a garter belt and masturbating. Patricia has one of the nicest pussies we've seen on any woman of any age, which is incredible considering how often it's been fucked.

"I don't masturbate often," she said. "I love penis and always have access since I have a couple of fuck buddies."

How often she has sex: "Every other day."

What gets her off: "Giving blow jobs and getting fucked hard."

Hobbies: "Reading, knitting and sucking cock."

We get it.

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The golden girl

The golden girl

The golden girl

"I think it's wonderful to still be sexually active and still be the object of men's attention," said Jewel, who was in her 50s when this video was shot. "It keeps me young. It makes life fun."

Jewel can find fun anywhere. Once, she was taking a midday stroll across a local community college's campus when a young frat-type approached her. They quickly hit it off back at his bedroom.

"I love college-educated cock, and his was on its way to a master's," she said. She even hung around after he left for European History the next morning, using a giant flesh-toned dong to recreate her sizzling rendezvous with the lucky student.

Jewel is charming, classy, funny and sexy. She's from North Carolina, and she's the epitome of the old-fashioned Southern belle. Except in one very important way.

Watch and you'll find out.

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Jacqueline Rose, cocks rise

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Thursday, November 10

A Woman Who Can Take A Good Fucking

Totally naked, legs spread and rubbing her pussy, 52-year-old Nikki Hoffman is ready for action. Fortunately for her, our studs are always handy and ready to please our hot, horny MILFs. Nikki loves having a big cock sliding between her butterfly pussy lips, and when the dude cums on her rack, she scoops some up and eats it. Good girl!

Nikki is a swinger whose wildest experience was with two guys and two girls. One time, a guy wanted her to fuck him in the butt with a huge dildo, but Nikki declined. She loves being watched.

"It is exciting and kinky and gives a thrill like no other," she said.

What sexually satisfies her best: "Having my pussy eaten followed by good sex."

Is she sexually assertive or passive? "Assertive. I like to be in control, but can lay back and take a good fucking if I need to."

She lays back and takes a good fucking here. That's for sure.

Saturday, August 6

Tahnee Gets Ass-Fucked Again

Tahnee gets ass-fucked again

Tahnee gets ass-fucked again

Tahnee Taylor has a surprise for her guy. It's her ass. She's going to give it up to him. She's done anal before on-camera at, and now this horny, 57-year-old divorcee and mom is going to do it at

Tahnee is beautiful, of course, and she has big, natural tits and a hot body, but another thing we love about her is she seems so shy and yet she sucks cock, gets fucked and does anal with total strangers for our viewing pleasure. Of course, with a rack like hers, she tit-fucks, too, but for many of you, the highlight of this scene is going to be seeing Tahnee getting fucked in her ass and the guy squirting his load on her asshole.

Sex on the first date? "No, not even if it's love at first sight."

Tahnee once told us, "I'm a shy girl, but I love getting fucked in my ass."

But in one of her scenes, she said, "I want you to take that cock and stick it in my ass and fuck me like the whore that I am."

Hey, she said it, not us.

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